Draft of an (undergrad) archaeogaming thesis

As many of you know I’ll be beginning my anthropology honours thesis writing come September 10th. As such I’ve written down/sketched out a bit of an outline of what I’d like the next 8 months to look like, and before I submit my final draft of this document to my supervisors (@kbiittner and @sarahshulist) I’d love to get your feedback! What readings am I missing? Are there other projects I should spend my time on? Other comments or concerns? Let me know @mxmoireabh or through the comments!

Archaeogaming (September – mid October)


  • Summary of intent: “Why study linguistic archaeogaming?”/self orientation (20%)
  • Ethics statement: (5%)
  • Book review: Archaeogaming (10%)

Video Games as Linguistic Artefacts (Material Paratexts) (mid October – mid November)


  • smth on Chaine Operatoire
  • A Geology of Media (Jussi Parikka)


  • Case study: Eternal Dagger (10%)

Video Games as Linguistic Artefacts (Digital Narratives) (mid November – mid December)


  • The Phenomenology of Real and Virtual Places (Erik Malcolm Champion)


  • Book or article review (10%)

Conlangs in Games (January)


  • Conlanging


  • Presentation: 30 minute presentation on conlangs in games (5%)

Video Game Translation (February)


  • Game Localization: Translating for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry (Minako O’Hagan)


  • Case study: History of the Super Comboy (10%)

Summary (March – mid April)


  • Research paper: “How may or is the language of and in videogames studied archaeologically?” (20%)
  • Presentation: 1 hour presentation of research (10%)

Fall 2017 Study Playlists

As is perhaps obvious I’m super into making a playlist for every occasion. Since my class playlists for this term have each exceeded 20 songs a piece I figured they’d be good for sharing. Each of the songs in these playlists reminds me of the relevant class/classwork in some way, but elsewise there’s not really a thread running through and these are probably best listened to on shuffle.


#Archaeogaming101 @animethon

#Archaeogaming101 is to be a panel presentation Friday, August 11th (today!) from 14:30-15:30 in Rm 9-102 as a part of Animethon 24 at Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta!

For ease of access each slide has been posted here, with it’s associated sources and PowerPoint notes. The notes don’t necessarily represent what is to be said verbatim (I prefer to “sparknote” my talking points, whereas CJ likes to script them out a bit more) but hopefully it gives everyone a good idea of what the panel is to contain. 🙂

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#ENGL496 Presentation Post

The way I used to do presentations was approximately: write down every word, practice until the script is effectively redundant, but still Do Not Deviate from the script. While that method definitely has its uses (I’ve become pretty good at making a memorized line sound off-the-cuff) it also has downsides: whenever it came to a question and answer period I’d falter. With that in mind my last year-or-so of presentations I’ve been trying very hard to practice without a script, so as to include “superfluous” information into my talking style. What this means for things like PowerPoints and the like is that my notes have become a sparse writing of anything I actually need to say verbatim (ie. shit it would actually be detrimental to fuck up on), and important quotes/Wikipedia entry info (not to read, but moreso as signalling phrases).

The original version of my presentation for yesterday’s #ENGL496 class focused on Launchpad covers via the lens of Brandon Labelle’s “Lexicon of the Mouth: Poetics and Politics of the Voice and Oral Imagery.” “Thanks” (but also: Thanks) to a friend, however, I spent a not-insignificant hunk of time while in Montréal last month [explicitly avoiding “Clinical Encounters in Sexuality” by] reading Barthes’ “The Pleasure of the Text” and “Mythologies,” which eventually turned me on to “The Responsibility of Forms“–the book from which I ended up grabbing all of my signalling phrases/quotes from. This shift was tricksy, because historically the class has tended toward… not enjoying any mention of psychoanalysis really at all. Not sure how my re-skinning worked (if at all), but in the end it definitely wasn’t The Most Convoluted presentation I’ve ever given so at least There’s That.

For anyone curious about what all this meta-analysis actually refers to I’ve attached my presentation slides/notes below the cut:

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4/6: perversion

“Perversion and the Problem of Fluidity and Fixity” – Lisa Downing

If “queer” and “crip” are recuperable labels, how strange that being “fixated”; a “pervert” a “‘proper’ pervert”–enjoying the same bodily practice time and time again, however queer that practise may be in its anti-heteronormative energies–should be seen to lie to entirely beyond the pale. (139)

Works Cited

Giffney, Noreen , and Eve Watson, eds. Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory. Earth: Punctum , 2017. e-Book.

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