Google is for the weak


Yes. But only in slightly more than 140 characters.

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Sunday Moodboard: Narcissism

This week’s moodboard was inspired by Glass Animals – Toes and Bill Moran – Eat Your Way Out. I’ve been dysphoric, and I wish I had more to say (because I’ve been planning this board all week) but today has been incredibly draining and I think it’s time for bed.

Videographic Narrative Construction in Trans Communities

I… really didn’t know what to write today.

So instead of writing something new I’m going to post a little blurb I did for an annotated bibliography I had to write in a medical anthropology class last year. It’s… not my favourite thing I’ve ever written, but the group project that eventually came out of it was really neat so it holds a special place in my heart.

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DailyPost Prompt: Embarrassing

Short post today, mostly because I’d rather not think of the plethora of things I find embarrassing about myself… whoops…

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