Editing Services

I’m a fourth-year undergraduate honours student in anthropology. My study interests include ethnography as practice, language revitalization, and media archaeology (ex. archaeogaming).

As process for a majority of senior-level coursework I participate regularly in proofreading and copy editing workshops. Although the majority of my editing experience thus obviously comes from academic texts I’m confident in my ability to edit other texts (ex. blogs, personal essays, creative fiction, etc) as well. I specifically have experience in academic-level sociolinguistic and ethnographic data entry, and thus have a strong foundation in quickly editing and transmitting complex ideas.

I am additionally able of working as a sensitivity reader in the following areas: non-binary+trans representation, chronic illness representation, and asexual representation.

I charge an hourly editing rate of 21.25$ USD for works 1000-10,000 words long, and flat-rate sensitivity readings at 250$ USD for manuscripts 80-100k words. My preferred method of payment is via PayPal. That said: I’m open to a variety of payment options and types, and am willing to take offers for sliding-scale work/skill trades.

Ready to work together? Shoot me an email at b.moireabh@gmail.com!