Top 10 Posts – 2017

Since I don’t have any more blog posts planned between now and 2018 I figured it would be a good time to list up my top posts this year!

I can’t believe how much my blog has grown this year, and my blogging skills alongside! While 2017 was a bumpy road for me, I’m glad to see people have stayed interested in and interacting with my work on here.


This year I’ve tried to be open about my coursework online, and to be open about myself in my coursework, which has turned this blog from something to ~write on when I have the time~ into something that has become integral to my learning and expressions of learning. This is something I kind of (?) knew was happening, but seeing my top posts splayed out it’s all the more obvious. Seeing this kind of change over time I can’t wait to see where this blog goes from here!

But: onward to the list!

  1. An open letter to my family and friends

    I’m transgender, specifically non-binary.

    • 2017 marked my coming out as trans to my extended family and network of acquaintances, and honestly it went pretty dang painlessly all things considered. It took some of my family more time to respond than others, but overall the response has been very positive and I feel very supported!
  2. What is #endometriosis?

    On a scale from 0-10, how bad is the pain that extends from my ribs down to about mid-calf? Am able to walk? With or without my cane? Can I go down stairs? On my own? Should I use an elevator instead? If I go to class, will I be able to sit for the entire class time? The bumpy bus ride home?

    • March being endometriosis awareness month is always difficult for me for some reason, but this year I felt it was really important to write about my experiences with the disease as a trans person because too often trans healthcare is shrugged off as “not important” or “too difficult.” In writing this I hoped that more people would understand that trans people also experience historically gendered illness/es and our experiences should not be cast to the side. Based on the reach and response this post received I can only hope I was able to get that across!
  3. Grief is a House

    […] I can only hope you’d be proud of me for speaking up.

    • I miss Jess a whole lot.
  4. 0/6: falling short

    […] it affected me pretty fucking hardcore I’m ngl.

    • I planned and wrote this series of posts after reading Clinical Encounters in Sexuality for, like, 5-some hours or somesuch. Looking back I’m not sure I’d do it all over again, but it was fun and something I pretty desperately wanted to do at the time so I’m still happy with it! Moving forward I’d like to read more queer/psychoanalytic texts (but who knows when I’ll have time for that o h n o).
  5. #Archaeogaming101 @animethon

    A number of Gramma Shirley’s videos fulfill all the needs of field journaling, but especially her exploration videos. She’s an accomplished Skyrim ethnobotanist, finding and maintaining a record of a number of in-game flora. Also she’s really lovely ❤

    • I did a lot of presenting in 2017 compared to previous years. It was a lovely experience to work with a friend on this one, and really worked to highlight and showcase some of the problems/failings of academic outreach for me.
  6. The Longest “Aside” Ever: Showcasing Failure

    Most of the time passion projects aren’t academically (or economically) viable, but it’s still worthwhile to keep up with things that are “just” straight up enjoyable.

    • *incoherent screeching*
  7. #Archaeogaming101 #ANTH498 @EdmontonExpo


    • Taking what I’d learned from presenting at Animethon I tweaked my Edmonton Expo wording and structure a bit to mitigate some of the phrasing concerns that I found with the previous incarnation of this presentation. That said: it still didn’t go perfectly, and really influenced my research direction for the rest of the semester (and definitely beyond). It definitely solidified my resolve in the need for me to research more into the ~translation~ of academic-speak to non-academic-speak, and back again!
  8. #ANTH421 w/ @sarahshulist: Considering the situated production of identity construction in individual Albertan injured workers

    Overall there was a sense that there is something larger than themselves which is deciding the language they have access to (as in a structured structure–not necessarily a deity), and influencing their language choices.

    • Working with my dad on this was so difficult for me emotionally, but also so rewarding. I appreciate finally having had the opportunity in my undergrad to focus on his experiences and the experiences of those around him who (unfortunately) share a history as injured workers. In the future I’d like to expand on my interview with my dad and Ralph either through further interviewing or through further reflection on my own history as it exists within the context of being the child of an injured worker. If/when that happens it’ll be posted here, though, so keep your eyes open!
  9. “Colour Palettization as Archaeogaming Method” #PATC Companion Post

    *bibliography intensifies*

    • This project was one of the first times I’d undertaken the amount and breadth of research I did, and I’m still really proud of not only my original paper but this presentation as well. Although I didn’t participate very much in PATC2 I hope to again, because the format was absolutely perfect for someone like me (who, hilariously, is writing this post with a hot water bottle on their uterus… again).
  10. On being queer as fuck

    […] I’ve come to the decision that reading Billy Budd as ~A Queer Text~ is a lot easier and more entertaining/enjoyable than reading it as ~Melville~.

    • If I ever shut up about Billy Budd it’s probably because I’m dead.

Thanks for reading this far!

2017 is over!(!!)

Thank goodness!(!!!!)




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