[cw for menstruation] One of my more prevalent #endometriosis symptoms is chronic pain. Most days my pain is bearable! Which is great (all things considered)! My periods, however, are consistently fucking hellish. I decided to push myself today anyways, and went to class despite being in a considerable amount of pain (definitely not the most well thought-out plan I’ve ever had, but since we’re in the last week of classes I justified going anyways). Luckily I had the opportunity to pull a bath as soon as I got home! I’m not sure if it helped to alleviate my pain at all, but it was pretty and relaxing and I smell lovely now, so at least there’s that. Now time to break out the ice packs and try to take a nap. #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #2017SelfieADay #wp // from Instagram:


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