6/6: discourse

“Discourse and the History of Sexuality” – Will Stockton

I wrote this chapter in 2009, and since then have come to dislike it. This chapter is dated, overly quotational, and altogether inadequate in its reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 20. For many years, I believed Clinical Encounters in Sexuality to be defunct, and in truth, I would prefer this piece remain stuck in a desk drawer. I agree to its publication now, in relatively unrevised form, only because I realize that the volume as a whole depends on it, and may indeed depend (although I am not sure, as I have not read the responses) on the way I originally expressed ideas. (footnote, 171)

Works Cited

Giffney, Noreen , and Eve Watson, eds. Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory. Earth: Punctum , 2017. e-Book.

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