A couple of months ago I described my life as “a series of forest fires” to my psychologist. While it was an off-handed metaphor, since then I’ve come to understand more and more just how true it is. In the last couple of months specifically, though, I’ve started to make an effort to pick and choose which of those fires to put out instead of trying to stretch myself thin managing them all. I haven’t had many smiley selfies, but I smile a lot IRL. Part of this comes from my need to hide behind the smile–to keep people from seeing just how deeply my anxiety effects me. So here’s my messy ass desk: a byproduct of letting my room go and trying to not give a shit because I have to keep up the energy for smiles. #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalillness #2017SelfieADay // from Instagram:

Author: B

I'm a 20-something university student with a blog.

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