A Playlist for 2016

Tonight I’m working on converting a boatload of old CDs into MP3 to store on my external hard drive, and it’s got me thinking about how I used to make “Soundtrack for My Year.” It was a kinda neat little project where every month I would pick a song that ~described~ the past month, and then of the year I would have a cool little playlist to look back on. I’m not sure if any of those playlists are on the CDs I’m working on today, but it’s still nice to reminisce back on the 5 odd years where that kind of introspection was a semi-important monthly ritual.

So in the spirit of that I used my last.fm account to figure out what my most listened-to songs each month of 2016 were. It’s not the same decision-making process as it once was, but I think it’s still in the same vein (after all if I’m listening to a song everyday for 3+ weeks it must have been something to me, if nothing but entertaining). In the spirit of the old playlists I did pick a “summary” song, though:  “I See Fire / Burn” by Meghan Davies feat. Jaclyn Davies. I See Fire is one of the songs I often think of when I go to consider my involvement with queer communities this past year, but it’s honestly kind of a bummer so it definitely feels weird to think of it as an overall descriptor (everything can’t be shit, even when it sometimes feels like it). Mixing the track with Burn rounds it out really well as a “2016” track for me, because it adds a more empowered note to the track overall. When the world is on fire you may as well be the brightest light (or something).

But on to the playlist! Full disclaimer: I listen to a (perhaps) unfortunate amount of pop. You have been warned.

Plain-text tracklist:

  1. January: Feelings, by Maroon 5
  2. February: I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Seeb Remix, by Mike Posner
  3. March: Superman / Sidekick, by the cast of Fortress of Solitude
  4. April: Guns and Roses, by Bohnes
  5. May: Outlaws, by Alessia Cara
  6. June: Islander – LateBreaker Remix, by Robyn Sherwell
  7. July: Pretty Boy, by Taemin
  8. August: Gooey – Stripped, by Glass Animals
  9. September: Save Tonight – Nikodem Milewski Mix, for Campsite Dream
  10. October: In The Night, by the Weeknd
  11. November: Mercy – Loote Remix, by Shawn Mendes
  12. December: Russian Roulette, by Red Velvet
  13. tl;dl: I See Fire / Burn, by Meghan Davies feat. Jaclyn Davies



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