A “Proper” Diet

I get why people want food to be a cure-all for every ailment. There’s a backlash right now against Western biomedicalist “pill for all that ails you” ideals, and I think that’s great! It would be so nice if I could throw out all my prescriptions and replace them with apples.

The reality of the situation, though, is that while diet can both positively and negatively effect peoples’ health the same foods don’t do the same things for different people.

With all that said, the following recently showed up on my Facebook feed:


Beyond the fact that this type of image shames people with chronic physical and/or mental illnesses for their noncompliance to The Proper Diet That Would Make Them Healthy, it veers dangerously into inspiration porn territory. Now I’m definitely not saying that the above image is the same kind of ~inspiration~ people are perhaps more familiar with, but it does contain the same implicit message: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude [1].” Now I Get What This Image Is Trying To Say. I really do. The problem is that this execution of, “Diet is important!” reads a lot more like, “If this child can harvest and eat a boat of fruit then So Can You! You never want to have to see a doctor for your debilitating genetic disorder [2] ever again, right?” In the world where this image is applicable not only does every person have socioeconomic access to fresh foods applicable to their dietary needs, but they’re also capable of the emotional labour that comes with preparing food at home. For more than a handful of reasons this is a literal impossibility.

tl;dr For the love of everything please fucking stop assuming what people are and are not capable of. Beyond that, stop assuming that there’s such a thing as a universally “proper” diet. Even if you yourself are capable of maintaining your consumption of a literal boat-load of fruit every day there’s no way everyone else can and/or wants to.

[1] I can’t even believe how cringe-worthy just writing that out is, honestly.

[2] This image was posted in a Hemiplegic Migraine support group, after all.



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