Just a little happy post because I’m having a great day so far:

Making the (impulse, tbh) decision to drop my whole life and go to university has easily been the best decision I’ve ever made. As a mature student you have to get 6 university-level English credits before you can be considered for an actual degree program, and those classes for me were so formative. As someone who dropped out of high school, and who’s been told that their GED is worthless (from an advisor at a culinary arts school, of all places), being shown that I could actually succeed in a classroom was legitimately awe-inspiring. Beyond that, it forced me to think of things in terms of years and decades as opposed to, like, hours and days.

Because I’m now able to see things in the long term I try to give myself both “truly achievable” and “probably impossible (but would be cool)” goals. It’s amazing for me to consider now 3 years in, but “””just””” going to university used to be in the “probably impossible” column [1].

Some of my current “truly achievable” goals (in no order):

  • Complete my degree
  • Apply for a Master’s degree [2]
  • Buy my parents a house
  • Move out of Alberta, and never return [3]
  • Not be dirt-ass poor
  • Keep up with talk therapy as long I need to

Some of my current “probably impossible” goals (in order of believability):

  • Get shredded
  • Work in Antarctica
  • Stop getting angry at people with terrible “opinions” on the internet
  • ???
  • This list is actually a lot shorter than I thought it was, tbh

And now for a picture so the Twitter link doesn’t look weird:


[1] Seriously. My brother and I were the first people in my dad’s family to complete high school/equivalent, for social reference. I had no idea what going to university actually entailed.

[2] Right now I’m into the idea of a folklore and ethnography program, but this swaps with new media archaeology semi-periodically so we’ll see.

[3] This is a bit dramatic… There are definitely a lot of reasons I like living in Alberta, but ultimately not enough to keep me here.




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