Not Dead Yet

I’ve avoided writing for awhile for a plethora of reasons. And I’m not sure if I’m ready to get back into a steady stream of consciousness like I’d originally planned for this blog, but I figured I’d write out a couple things that have been going on over the last 3 weeks or so.

On a shitty note:

  • The house my family rents totally has mould in it. It’s a long story, but it also wasn’t handled properly when it was discovered. Although we’ve been told that it’s safe to stay in the house almost all of us have been compromised by it. So in addition to finally making plans with my doctors to start hormone therapy (which is great! but also incredibly stressful!), I’ve been trying to coordinate tests and whatnot for the damn mould.

On slightly happier notes:

  • My work has been incredibly stressful, but honestly is my port of solace right now. It’s really amazing to see so many people working so hard to educate themselves and others in and about their languages. I’m looking forward to writing a full decompression at the end of the Summer (after confirming with my boss what would be appropriate to share, all privacy concerns aside).
  • I’ve officially decided to get a Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson tweet tattooed on my body forever. I’m shooting to have it done before school starts in September, but I’m very prepared to have to put it off (like my last set of tattoo plans) if my health doesn’t agree.

the rock 1

“Being a true bad ass has no weight or gender requirement – just a 100% commitment to greatness.” Inspirational as hell, for this Summer and beyond.

Side note: To be entirely honest writing this all out seems… anti-climactic. Things have been so so stressful lately, and I’m kind of amazed to realize that the bulk of my stress is coming from 2 very isolated areas of my life. Huh.




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I'm a 20-something university student with a blog.

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