DailyPost Prompt: Playful

I’m taking an intro to computer game design class right now, and I’m finding the whole experience really cool!

Obviously there are pros and cons to every class, but I think that my ~intro to game design~ experience has been relatively positive thus far. While my group decided to move away from any of our own individual ideas, and instead come into a concept together, I think that by allowing each person to project their own interests into the project we’ve been able to make something pretty neat.

Now prior to breaking into groups and deciding on a concept we could all agree on, each student had to come up with an individual high concept. Because I’ve been playing a lot of Atelier Meruru I decided to take a stab at an item-creation based RPG:

Praise Be the False God: Coffee allows the player to assume the role of an apprentice Barista in a world wherein coffee is currency, and those percolated in the Dark Coffee Arts reign supreme. Although all Baristas summon demons to aid them in their alchemical pursuits the player must decide whether it is better for their play style to attack or encourage their summon via an item-matching puzzle challenge. The ways in which the player overcomes puzzle challenges influences their Barista’s statistic spread, and ultimately decides whether their rise to domination is through destruction or benevolence.

Very little of my original concept has made it into my group’s final product, which is fine! Going into this class I knew that the only thing I would absolutely push for was the inclusion of some type of conlang or cypher which would need to be solved by the player. Since we decided to work on more of a supernatural-horror style RPG the idea of a secret language worked out perfectly.

I’ve never really considered cryptography as anything more than an interest, but I have been fascinated by cyphers and coded language since I was a kid. I mean, I suck at solving cyphers, but that never kept me from enjoying learning about them. So for the horror survival game I decided to come up with a quick cypher that can be solved in-game via the collection of codices.


pig pen 1pig pen 2So it’s obviously just a pigpen cypher, but I’m still really into how it came out! While I don’t think I’m going to have occasion to brush off my historical cryptoanalysis hat anytime soon, it was cool to break out some of the books my parents have been lugging with them move after move [1].

[1] I’ve always thought conclusions are my weakest point when it comes to writing, so here’s me just avoiding that problem altogether by not including a concluding statement.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Prompt: Playful.



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